I’m so sorry to start on such a gross note. Still, on this one particular evening, I remember standing over my bathroom sink, looking in the mirror and seeing splodges of my own beigey-coloured-chunky vomit splattered all over my face. (I did warn you it was gross!). 

Leading up this moment, 10 minutes earlier, I’d run to the bathroom after sitting on the sofa and feeling like my chest was going to explode. I made it to the toilet by the skin of teeth. I knelt over the loo, face centred over the white ceramic bowl, paying particular attention to aim and accuracy because I didn’t want to have to clean the bathroom too if I missed. I did what was becoming a daily ritual. In fact, sometimes twice or three times daily. I wretched and ferociously puked my guts out with such force that it back-splashed into my face. Lovely!  

I stood up when I was done, flushed the loo, and while washing my yucky face, I wondered ‘why do we call it morning sickness instead of morning, noon and night sickness, or all day sickness‘. I’ve been gifted at puking at anytime of the day during this darling pregnancy (which is my 3rd) as this particularly ordinary evening showed. 

Morning Sickness or all day sickeness?

My morning sickness was different in my other 2 pregnancies

Pregnancy number 1 – 

With my first son, morning sickness was reasonably routine: 

  • Wake up in the morning 
  • Quickly grab a sweet cup of tea (and a piece of toast if I had time) to line my stomach.  
  • Be sick once in the morning.  
  • Done for the day.  

I knew that if I didn’t line my stomach with something, it would be quite painful. Morning sickness routine was pretty straight forward. 

Pregnancy number 2 – 

With my second son, I don’t really remember having morning sickness at all. I would get this horrible hot and cold kinda thing in the early days. But that was about it. 

But this pregnancy – In the first trimester, even if I wasn’t being sick, I felt nauseous ALL DAY which made even basic activities a struggle. I’d wake up with a list of things to do, my brain was optimistic and rearing to go. My motivation and intentions said ‘YES’, but my nausea said ‘NO’. I’d get zilch done, because of the constant feeling of sickness. 

Here Comes The Ginger 

I was so appreciative when some of the beautiful ladies in my life suggested ginger. I was gifted ginger tea, ginger sweets, hubby bought ginger beer, real fresh ginger, crystallised ginger, all-manner of ginger. I started to feel more gingered-out than the gingerbread man himself. BUT, if I’m honest, it didn’t have any effect on my morning (noon and night) sickness at all!  

But here are changes I made that didn’t stop my morning sickness entirely, but reduced them on some days or made them much more bearable: 

1. Eating Smaller Portions –  

In the first trimester and start of the second, it was hard for my food to digest. And when meals sat on my chest, it made me feel much worse, and I just knew I’d be sick. But reducing my portion sizes and not getting too full did to help me either not be sick at all or to reduce the velocity of my sickness. 

2. Making a note of foods that made me feel more nauseous and cutting them out –

Rice, boiled, potatoes, bready-things were just a few of the things that made me feels worse. Anything the fluffed up or went fluffy was a no-no! So I cut them out or found alternatives until I was in the second trimester and feeling better. 

3. Finding refreshing drinks I enjoyed – 

Any drink with artificial sugar tasted gross in the first trimester and I know are not particularly healthy for me anyway, so they were easy to cut out.  

But I love a hot cuppa tea. What British girl doesn’t? But black tea in this pregnancy, unlike in my first pregnancy, made me feel horrid and always made me awfully sick. In fact, I’ve cut tea out for this whole pregnancy so far as my body completely rejects it. Even after my morning sickness stopped in my second trimester, it’s the one thing that my body still won’t accept. 

If I really need a hot drink (which is every day), I have a hot chocolate or chai latte (no caffeine). (I was also drinking green tea until I read conflicting info about its impact on pregnancy). Every morning or evening, Dominic makes me a milky hot chocolate. One for the calcium, two for the energy boost and three because it’s yummy and makes me feels better. 

4. Enjoying my cravings and making a list of foods I like. For me that’s cold things –

I didn’t have cravings as such as I did in my other pregnancies, but I do have preferences. I much prefer ice-cold things and found I was less sicky when having cold stuff!  

  • In the morning hubby made me crunchy nut cornflakes with milk and ice cubes!  
  • I loved ice-lollies – Soleros and Twister. 
  • Cold iced drinks – Veg & fruit smoothies, orange juice with ice. Freezing cold water with lemon and other fruits in it. 
  • Bowls of fresh cold fruit were great. Sometimes, I’d find myself having a bowl of defrosted mango pieces from Aldi.  

Having more cold things defo reduced my morning sickness! 

  • I also loved simple dishes like pasta dishes, noodle dishes, spicy soups. I loved simpled veg, like cabbage, carrots, tomatoes etc.!  

Dry snacks – Nuts, crackers and things like that are beneficial in the early stages because you can also have a constant nasty taste in your mouth.  

5. Communicating my Triggers 

If there’s a smell or something that makes you feel worse, avoid it and let everyone else in your household know about it too! At least they’ll know not to bring it around you. Communication is key.

Anyone else fancy a trip to the Bahamas?

Morning Sickness or all day sickeness?

In a nutshell, tailoring your food and drink will help with your morning sickness. 

I have found no special secret to completely ridding of nausea and morning sickness. From what understand, it’s a pregnancy hormone in your body that we preggo mamas can’t rid of completely with some quick hack from Pinterest. It will impact us all differently. But we can defo do some things to help reduce and bring relief from morning sickness! 

Remember to get lots of rest too. Fresh air is always good. And if you get anxious about your morning sickness or feel it’s worse than the average morning sickness, please contact your midwife and check out some online support https://www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/what-is-hyperemesis-gravidarum/ 

I hope some of my strategies to reduce the effects of my morning sickness palavers are a help to you. Obviously, we are all really different, so what works for one might or might not work for another.

I personally feel a trip to the Bahamas, with a beautiful beachfront chalet, a butler and masseuse, would’ve also been the perfect solution to nausea and morning sickness… maybe next pregnancy! 

My morning sickness and nausea has been different for all 3 of my pregnancies. This time has been the worst. Here's what helped me xx

7 Replies to “Pregnant in a Pandemic Week 23 – Ginger didn’t help my morning sickness!”

  1. Kimberlie says: June 12, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    I completely agree it shouldn’t be called morning sickness. I had it for the 5 first months, all day, with a headache. I had to be put on a prescription and even that help minimally. Like you, I tried every ginger and natural suggestion without relief.

  2. Carolyn says: June 12, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Oh no! I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick, how awful! I remember when a good friend of mine, who was pregnant for the first time was bewildered that they only called it “morning sickness,” since she was, as you said, sick morning, noon, and night. I’m glad you’re figuring out what works best for you, though bad news that bread isn’t helping (bread cures all in my opinion). Best of luck with your pregnancy!

  3. Rachael says: June 12, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    I found freezing ginger beer into ice blocks helped. Like you, cold, smaller portion sizes and vegies were good. Ginger that was too close to the real thing gave me heartburn. And I could not handle the smell of cooking meat, but could eat grilled steak. Good luck!.

  4. Jennifer Van Haitsma says: June 12, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Congrats! You look so happy! With my first two I didn’t get too much nausea luckily. Just some food aversions and occasional queasiness.

  5. Taylor Minaberry says: June 12, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    I can totally relate to this! I had a really easy time with my first two but had “all day sickness” with my third baby. I puked a bunch. Ginger didn’t help me either. Bread and crackers actually helped me a lot, and eating smaller portions was a must for me. So crazy how each pregnancy is different! I’m glad you’re finding solutions. Hope you feel better momma!

  6. Ann says: June 13, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Morning sickness or all-day sickness is the worst! Cold fresh orange juice was my fav! Enjoy what works for you and all the best mom!

  7. Grace says: June 14, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    As a mum of 4 kids, I can seriously do with a trip to the Bahamas right now. LOL.

    Congrats! Great blog post, thanks for sharing & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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