We Totes Need Each Other

Us ladies totally need each other and community will ALWAYS trump competition. That’s what I love about our community of ladies over at The Hope Table. We realise that we are better together!

The Christian community is thriving with entrepreneurial women, kicking down doors, building empires and changing the world with their creativity, business savvy & God-given dreams! Getting to collaborate with women and delight in each others success is a golden sparkly feeling.

But sometimes, there are times when a friend starts a new venture and maybe you don’t know how to support them. Or quite frankly their product or service doesn’t interest you BUT, being the sweet pea that you are, you want to find a way to embrace your girl, while she embraces her dreams!

Here are some simple ways you can show some love and contribute to ya girls wins!

1. Gift your friends product or service to someone else

Ok here’s an example: Your friend launched a stationery business, but you prefer to use the latest technology. You’re thinking why use a journal and a pen when I can stick my whole life into my iPhone 700,000 calendar? And that’s fine. But…Consider a friend or relative that has a birthday or other celebration coming up. Can you buy your friends product for them as a gift? Maybe your granny loves a good old traditional diary.

Your purchase will bless two for the price of one. You’ve invested in your friends business, for which she will be eternally grateful, and you get granny’s gift sorted! Win-win all around, I say.

2. A little like and comment goes a long way

Social media has become an enormous tool for boosting small business.

What’s one of the first things you do when you discover brand you like? Naturally, you check out their Facebook, Instagram and other social media feeds for inspiration.

Social media is helping your bestie to connect to her tribe, her ideal customer, drive sales and website traffic; and serve those whom she created the business for. Your like, share and comment on her last post can be invaluable, as the more people that interact with her posts, the more the algorithm will share it with others, increasing her likelihood of finding the right customer!

This costs no money and less than a minute time. You giving her a social media boost, can boost her business too!

3. Leave a review or comment on the blog post.

It might be the boost she needs!

Setting up websites, Facebook pages and getting products on Amazon or her chosen sales platform has taken your friend so much effort, time and resources.

Writing blog posts and other content to serve others is something she does from the heart! Some of them causing sleepless nights plus endless editing!

And you may not know this, but on some days, she may cry and ask herself, “why am I even doing this? Does anyone even care?”

Trust me, a little review or comment goes a long way in encouraging your friend to keep going and reminding her that what she’s doing is a blessing to someone. It also encourages others to engage too.

4. Tell others

Word-of-mouth has always been and always will be a powerful marketing tool. If technology should crash tomorrow, we’ll still be able to wag our tongues about our favourite brands and places!  

Did you know that 92% of people would trust a word-of-mouth recommendation over any other type of advertising? In fact, I bet most of your favourite cafés, restaurants, make-up products, and a book you’ve recently read, were influenced by what someone you know and trust told you. 

A verbal referral from a trust-worthy source comes with credibility. And again, it’s free!  

So, go tell a friend about your friend’s products and services! 

5. Show support before you need support – The stiletto might be on the other foot one day!

This happens often. Friend A (The BossBabe) starts her business or side hustle. She spends time building, growing and learning. She attends course after course, online master class after online master class and a lot of time researching what works best (and what fails). After investing a lot of money, trial and error and after all her hard work, blood, sweat and glitter things lift off the ground and from the outside in business starts to look good.

Friend B (the onlooker) has not shown much support over the years.

2 years later, friend B (the onlooker), is now contacting Friend A (The BossBabe) to ask questions:

Can we meet up for a coffee so I can pick your brain?
What are your best marketing techniques?
How do you filter your pictures?
Do you want to buy my product?

Now I’m sure friend A will help out. She’s a real BossBabe and so she knows that blowing out another woman’s candle will not make her light shine any brighter’.

But that quote comes to mind, ‘seek a friend before you need a friend’, or show support before you need support! We never know when the tables might turn.


6. Lastly, be patient & be kind

Be her champion and cheerleader. Encourage her. Be patient too! Realise that she may be a bit busy for a while not be able to hang out as often. It’s not you!

Firstly, she probably woke up at 3am inspired by an idea and had to work on it straight away because she couldn’t sleep, so now she’s tired!

Two, she can’t go out because she might be saving her money to invest in her business instead of drinks on a night out!

Show her that you still care and ask her how you can help! Communication is key. Maybe after a long week of hustling, you, my friend, are the perfect solution. Maybe she just wants to chill on the sofa, watch a movie with you, the other girls, some popcorn, and a hot chocolate! Just ask her what she needs right now.

We humans need each other. It’s wired in our biology. No one exists on an island.

Everything is Figureoutable, Marie Forleo

12 Replies to “Ways to support your BossBabe friend even when you’re not her ideal customer”

  1. Amie says: May 21, 2020 at 2:07 am

    This totally happened to me! My friend was starting a new business that sold things I just wasn’t in to. Honestly, I would have just bought from her anyway. But the problem was I’d just become a stay at home mom, so we were getting used to living on one salary, and I just couldn’t support her financially. She understood, and I still mentioned her company whenever I found someone else who might be interested. I still tried to show up to her meetings and online events. I think she really appreciated that!

  2. J says: May 22, 2020 at 10:50 am

    This is great! We all need to help and support each other the best we can!

    1. Jess says: May 22, 2020 at 8:09 pm

      So true. A little love of any kind goes a long way!

  3. Alyssa says: May 22, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Yes! Owning a business takes a tremendous amount of time and effort and simple things like sharing their page or recommending their services/products to other people is a huge help already. I’m a small business owner as well and it means so much to me when my friends support what I do!

  4. Rachael says: May 22, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    This is a very timely reminder! So many people are being forced to change directions and there are ways that we can help them – even if we are not their ideal customer and even in times of social distancing. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Dyanne says: May 22, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Thank you so much for this! It baffles me time and again why friends aren’t exactly the most supportive. Maybe they just don’t know how or why a simple like or share means to much.

  6. Lisa Marie Alioto says: May 22, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    This is a wonderful way to support your friends – it really goes beyond how I was initially thinking about doing it! Thanks for the ideas!

  7. Kimberlie says: May 22, 2020 at 1:21 pm

    This is such a thorough analysis on how to support a friend who blogs. I think people are unaware of the inner workings, so making this transparent for them and sharing the types of actions that show support is a great idea, even if the business/blog is not in their preferred realm.

  8. Carolyn says: May 22, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    What a wonderful list of suggestions! I always want to try to support my artistic and business-owning lady friends, but I sometimes feel awkward when I don’t like or don’t need the product (especially difficult with my artsy friends). These are some great suggestions to help promote your friends’ work without damaging the friendship! Great post!

  9. Jen Towkaniuk says: May 22, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    The best support isn’t buying products. It’s sharing to your network, being a supportive ear to listen and bounce ideas off of, and being a cheerleader for your entrepreneurial friend. Great post!!!

  10. Amanda says: May 23, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Gifting your friends product or service is an awesome idea for supporting them. We do all need to support each other, now more than ever. These are great ideas!

  11. Mamie says: May 23, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Every bit of support makes a big difference. I am all about s cheering on others.

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