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A little purple package arrived on our doorstep and in true ‘so-excited-to-get-deliveries-during-lock-down’ style, I ravishingly, but neatly, as I like to repurpose packaging, unsealed the Bambini Mio stamped ‘happy nappy mail’, to see what goodies were inside. Bambino Mio had ever so kindly gifted JT two Miosolo All-In-One Nappies, Puppy Party and Safari Spots.

Although I hadn’t tried the all-in-ones yet, Bambino Mio were already a winner in my mind. They have the cutest prints, variety of cloth nappy styles and affordable prices as far as cloth nappies go.

Pre-washed And Ready To GO

But here’s the but… But I’ve got to admit though, I’ve never had an all-in-one in my stash before that is microfibre as it’s main absorbent core. Yes, I have pocket nappies with microfiber inserts and boosters in them, and I’m well and truly in the habit of matching them up with a natural material booster or insert (More often than not, one of my little lamb bamboo triple layer boosters) to maximise absorbency.

I gave the nappy a pre-wash and did a scan of the packaging for instructions and noticed that it said ‘should last between 2 to 4 hours’ . My immediate auto-pilot thought was, ‘I’d better stick one of my bamboo inserts into the pocket to make sure it lasts’ (yes, the Bambino MIO all-in-one has a pocket too). Then I thought ‘you know what, I’m not going to boost or stuff anything in it! I’m going to put Bambino Mio to the test and see if we can really hit the four-hour mark without any additional help’. Let’s test this cloth nappy and see if it does what it says on the tin!

Hello Mr. Microfibre

A bit about microfibre:

The best bits:
Very economical
Quick to dry
Absorbs super quickly like a sponge

Bits to bear in mind:

  • Not to be worn directly against the baby’s skin
  • Doesn’t hold as much liquid as some other materials
  • Like a sponge, great at absorbing, but when thoroughly wet, if squeezed will also let water out. (Often call compression leaks. Like if the baby is sitting on it in a car seat, or tight clothing is putting a squeeze on it).

And the ‘bits to bear in mind’ is why microfibre is best doubled up with a slower absorbing material (check out the diagram at The Nappy Gurus). But we just wanted to put Bambino Miosolo all-in-ones to their 4-hour test! Now remember, I’ve only pre-washed it once. With most reusable nappies, the more they are washed the more absorbent they become.

I changed JT at around 12:45, and I took this cute print and put it on it. T’was so easy, making it the perfect kind of cloth nappy for childcare. JT seemed so comfy with this ‘slim fitter’ on, and it’s actually one of our few nappies that he wears on the lowest rise. That means they can grow with from now until he starts to use the pottyAll we have to do is adjust the poppers.

Quickly Everyone! Board The Ark!!!!

2 hours went by. And I had an itch to change bubba, as if, if I didn’t change baby, his cloth nappy would burst like the faulty dam in Evan Almighty, causing a flood to wash away everything in its path like in the days of Noah!

Why? Lol! Why was I thinking like this? I think I was expecting the worst because microfibre sometimes gets a bit of stick in the cloth nappy world! And because I’m in the habit of combining it with other materials. I just assumed this microfibre cloth diaper, on its own wouldn’t last. As we established before, it is excellent at absorbing liquid quickly but not known for having a vast capacity.

He Fell Asleep

Anywho, we were over the 3-hour mark, and my little gumster started to mumble-whine. That ‘feed me please woman’ kind of whine. As I was breastfeeding, we were approaching the 4-hour mark! Yay Bambino Mio. We did it. Time for a change! But, oh double dear, baby nodded-off while eating. Now if you follow my Instagram stories, you mama, know how hard it is to get a 4-month old to nap. Especially when they’ve just been through the dreaded 4-month sleep regression – urgh! So I didn’t want to wake him for a change.

JT napped while I caught up on Firefly Lane (it’s no Brigerton but it will do). It wasn’t for long, and JT woke up sometime after 5. I patted baby down and, of course, he was still super dry!

Bambino Mio said 2-4 hours and they delivered.

Of course, we know every baby is different. Different fit, different absorbency needs, but for us at this stage, Bambino Mio are a win win win. Now JT is neither a light nor heavy wetter, he’s somewhere in the middle. Should things change, or we need to travel or something, sure, there’ll indeed be a need to boost – a little bamboo here or a little hemp there, and I’m sure we’ll stay on the leak-free road of absorbent reusable nappies. Right now in the world, we got 99 problems but a Bambino Mio leak ain’t one….But then again, the occasion leak isn’t the biggest of deals, a leak can happen in any brand of cloth nappy and are usually easily remedied….but that’s a whole different blog post girl!

So, to round up, our 5 favourite things about Bambino Miosolo reusable nappies:

  • Kind on the budget
  • Kind on the environment
  • Kind on the bum
  • Little mit to help insert booster and strap to help pull it out!
  • And of course, the prints are blooming cute. 🤗

I for one and excited to see their new fruity prints launch, look out for apple crunch, strawberry cream, lemon drop, berry bounce and captain carrot for your five-a-day over at The Nappy Guru’s! And be sure to keep an eye on The Nappy Gurus IG for all the latest in making cloth nappies mainstream.

And if you decide to pick up some goodies over there, you can use our friends and family discount code JUSTICE for 10% off! (And people always ask if they can use it more than once. Yes you can use it as many times as you like!) 🙂

Drop a comment below and let me know one thing you love about cloth nappies or pop me a DM or tag over on IG.

Speak soon, my friend.

With heart and hope,


P.s If you are struggling with leaks here’s a little info that might help you 🙂

Disclosure: By using my discount code or affiliate links to make a purchase, as a Nappy Guru, I may earn a commission. However, I chat about reusable nappies because my family and I LOVE cloth nappies, and our cloth nappy community and we want to make cloth mainstream. So we will see you again soon for more family happiness and cloth-nappy-ness.

3 Replies to “Bambino Miosolo Cloth Nappy – Will it stand the test of time?”

  1. Kimberlie says: February 15, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Where I’m from in Jamaica, cloth nappies were very popular, but when I had my son, I was intimidated and worried about the constant laundering that would be required. Now I’m saddened that if I’d done a little more research into the evolution of cloth diapering, then I would’ve loved Mio as much as you do now. Hopefully, if there’s a baby number 2, I can give them a go.

  2. Aditi Jain says: February 15, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    My friend is about to have a baby. Great resource to share with her.

  3. Jess says: February 15, 2021 at 5:20 pm

    Hmmm, never heard of this company before, thanks for the tip and useful review! 🙂

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