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We're The Adams Family

(But we're not creepy, kooky, mysterious, or spooky like the ones from TV!)

Once upon a time, I was the struggling teenaged single-mum of two beautiful boys, living on a council estate in London, juggling many hats, and wrestling with my faith and identity. Of course, at the time, I had no idea God was carving something beautiful out of my life! 

A relationship with Jesus, fast forward to today and ‘voila’!

“A crown of beauty for ashes, the joy of oil instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of despair” Isaiah 61:3

Oops, I haven’t even told you my name. Hey, I’m Shovorne, the wife to Dominic, a dope mama, business entrepreneurship graduate, speaker, writer and stationery addict! 

Dom & I met working in the same office at church. (Yass JESUS! The best match-maker! LOL!) I was Women’s Ministry Team Leader and Dominic did sound, media & praise and worship team. It happened when we least expected it. That’s what I call ‘God’s-timing!’

And guess what? We have a baby boy on the way. How exciting is that? *Does a little waddle-like celebratory dance*. Yes, we’re pregnant in a pandemic (Lord help us!), and this will make us a family of 5.

Together we founded The Hope Table, a ministry birthed in me when I was a single mum. Single motherhood was beautiful and tough, my friend. In the midst of it all, God was my rock, my husbandman, father to my boys and my hope. I remember promising God that one day I’d create something because ‘no woman should have to do it all alone.’ We wear so many hats, and I realised that we were better together! When we all come to the table and serve one another, with Jesus at the head of the table, we leave nourished and hope-filled!

The purpose of this family-focused blog is to document our journey as a Modern, Christian, Jesus-loving-blended-multi-racial family unit while connecting with like-minded people like you.

Encouragement, giggles, life-lessons and experiences from Marriage, Parenthood, Business & Ministry are what we hope to share. The highs and the joys from Everyday Living and Loving, and the lessons and growth from the lows. (You see we’re NOT PERFECT and we don’t want to pretend to be).

Anyway, I need to shoot because one, I need a snack; two, I have some housework to do; and three, this beautiful baby is using my inners as a trampoline. So, I really need a pee! 

If we’re not already connected on Insta come and say ‘Hi’.

Thanks for stopping by. I pray we have a beautiful God-kissed journey together. 


With Heart & Hope

The Adams Family